Read this information. Print out forms as needed.

Click on this link to see the track and field information and rules from the NCSHAA site.
Important Track Information

Release form for traveling home from meets with your parent.
Riverside High School Travel Release Form.docx

Eligibility to Participate Check out the eligibility poster from the state website for all the rules on eligibility.

NCHSAA Ejection Policy NCHSAA policy on ejection and/or fighting at contests.


All forms must be filled in completely with all needed information. Be sure all signatures are in place and that the forms are dated.
  1. Current physical form
  2. Permission to Treat form
  3. Parental Permission Form
  4. Athlete Participation Form
  5. Concussion Sign-off Sheet for Student Athletes
  6. Concussion Sign-off Sheet for Parents
  7. Drug Testing Consent Form
  8. Track Rules Contract

Physical Form Physical form from the NCHSAA. You must have a current physical on file to participate.

Permission to Treat Form.tiff.tiff Parental permission to be treated in case of accident or injury (in case we can't contact parent)

Parental Permission Form Required parental permission form. Must be filled out before the season starts.

ATHLETE PARTICIPATION FORM.docx Athletes must fill this participation form out prior to the season.

MCS Drug Testing Consent Form.jpeg.tiff All athletes must submit to random drug testing.

Go to the Track Rules Contract 2012 page for a copy of the women's rule sheet.


There is a great emphasis on protection from head injury due to some recent tragedies in high school sports. Please read the following
information sheets on concussions prepared for parents and student athletes. You must read and sign off on the sheets. This is for both athletes and parents. Must be completed before tryouts.
Concussion information sheet for student athletes
Concussions - student sign off sheet
Concussion information sheet for parents and others
Concussion - Parent sign-off sheet

If you are diagnosed with a concussion, you must have this form completed with a Doctor's okay to return to play.
Return to play concussion clearance form