Regional Track Meet Performance List - Subject to change:

This meet performance list is tentative due to having to hand enter some athletes who were entered incorrectly, and problems using the
race tab program used by the state.

Riverside Girls:

1600 m. run
2nd Ann Marie Manning
11th Chesson Ward
12th Morgan Ireland

3200 m. run:
5th Ann Marie Manning
12th Morgan Ireland

800 m. run:
3rd Alex Hardison
12th Morgan Ireland

100 m. hurdles
6th Hannah Copeland
10th Jessica Harrison

300 m. hurdles:
4th Hannah Copeland

Long Jump:
10th Alex Hardison
12th Paxton Copeland
13th Candace House

Triple Jump:
6th Hannah Copeland
8th Rafailia Vogaitzis
12th Daquisha Thompson

4 x 100: 8th

4 x400 5th

4 x 800 2nd

100 m. dash
14th Stankija Purvis

400 m. dash:
12th Jesse Anne Rogers

5th Jesse Anne Rogers
11th Arzelia Howard

Riverside Boys:
1600 m. run
11th Adam Parker

800 m. run:
8th Adam Parker

110 m. Hurdles
11th Esamuel Burnett
12th James Thigpen

300 m. Hurdles
11th Devonte Spruill

Long Jump
6th Taveon Bennett

Triple Jump
6th Taveon Bennett

4 x 100 12th

4 x 200 10th

4 x 400 10th

4 x800 8th

100 m. Dash:
6th Esamuel Burnett

7th Darik Cox

Shot Put:
5th Darik Cox